1. A Light Touch and a Good Ear (Play for Today: The Piano, 1970)

2. Fear The Reaper (ITV Playhouse: The Reaper, 1979)

3. A Dreadful and Despairing History (Conceptions of Murder: The Dreams of Timothy Evans, 1970)

4. Love Will Tear Us Apart (The Murder of Michael Pretty, Haslemere, 1964)

5. Impish Hillmans (Tales of Unease: The Old Banger, 1970)

6. Savage Ms-Siah (Play for Today: The Other Woman, 1976)

7. The Milkman Also Rings Twice (Victims, 1979)

8. Familiar Thoughts of School and Unfamiliar Schools of Thought (Walk a Crooked Path, 1969)

9. High Spirits and Low Morale (The Gentle Touch: Tough Mrs Rudge, 1982)

10. “Wealth I Seek Not, Hope Nor Love” (Remembering Peter the Painter)

11. “Silver Bells and Cockleshells” – Remembering Craigherbs Cottage

12. A Desperate Business: The Murder of Muriel McKay